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ОАО «Светлогорский целлюлозно-бумажный комбинат»

Founded in 1968 as processing enterprise for imported paper and cardboard into crimped cardboard and boxes, the Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk pulp and board plant” has increased its technological production chain in manufacturing integrated products, i.e. transporting packaging from crimped paper.

Each of such innovations was introduced by constructing and launching new production lines: 1970 – cardboard and paper production, 1984 – processing of timber into cellulose, December 2005 – second line of cellulose processing.

Currently Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk pulp and board plant” represents an enterprise with full cycle of timber processing and producing crimpled cardboard and cardboard boxes. The enterprise consists of cellulose plant, cardboard and paper factory and cardboard-paper packages factory, all with high level of automated processes, high ecological compatibility and proper level of attention to natural resources.

Modern methods of automated production packing require more complicated forms; the rules of following technological requirements for manufacturing packages became stricter. The factory manufactures wide range of crimped boxes, more than 3 thousands of various kinds. The technological specifications for 3 or 4 new products are composed each day. New requirements to the package appearance and its advertising feature are reflected in particular attention to sophisticated product design. 

Boxes of corrugated board

Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk pulp and board plant” manufactures a wide range of transport packages from corrugated cardboard of different kinds, sizes and design patterns according to the FEFCO international catalogue. 

4-flap boxes:

- Boxes manufactured according to the State Standard (for confectionery, canned goods, food liquids, meat and milk products, ice cream, chemical industry products, incandescent lamps, food products, matches, tobacco goods, detergents, etc.) as well as boxes with specific sizes;

- with cut elements (handle holes, vent-holes);

- with truncated, short-cut or overlapping flaps. 

Component boxes 

- packing

- insert

- grate 

3-color printing is possible on corrugated cardboard boxes of any configuration.

Public Corporation “Svetlogorsk pulp and paper plant” accepts orders for manufacturing clichés for flex printing.

Manufactured corrugated cardboard products are packed in transporting bags which are bound with corrugated cardboard and stretching tape.

Customer can choose product delivery on Euro Standard trays manufactured from timber or multilayer corrugated cardboard.

Delivery is carried out with motor or railway transport. 

Corrugated cardboard boxes are manufactured according to the State Standard 9142-90.

Code 4819100000. 

Filter board

Filter board sheets sizes: 610*620mm, 400*400mm.Co Code  - 4812000 


Fluting is used to manufacture the inner layer of corrugated cardboard.

Join Stock Company “Svetlogorsk pulp and board plant” manufactures fluting using old paper stock -40-50% and cellulose depending on paper sort.

Fluting is exported to Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Baltic states.

Fluting is manufactured with following characteristics (square meters): 100, 112, 125, 140.

Roll diameter: 1100-1300mm.

Cylinder diameter: 100mm.

Roll formats: 2100, 1050, 1400mm. 

Manufactured sorts of paper for crimping: B-0, B-1.

Fluting is manufactured according to the State Standard 7377-85.

Code 4805919100



Post address:

247 434, Belarus, Gomel Region., 

Contact phone numbers: 

+375 2342 5-24-37

Chief Engineer - Toryansky Mikhail Ivanovich 

 +375 2342 5-10-09

Vice Director for Commercial Affairs  Fitszner  Alexander Leonidovich 

+375 2342 5-39-39, 98-313

Chief of Market  Development Dept Olga Beze 

+375 2342 5-43-46, 5-45-46

sales management (sales to the domestic market) 

+375 234 5-44-02

sales management (export sales) 

+375 2342 5-36-36

sales management  (export sales) 


+375 2342 5 23 42

Reception of Vice Director l for Commercial Affairs 

+375 2342 5-49-44

sales management (export sales) 

+375 2342 5-24-80

Department of Market Development 









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