Latvijas - Baltkrievijas ekonomisko sakaru veicināšanas biedrība - Кооперационная биржа «Переработка отходов и экология: новые решения» 20 октября 2010 г., Минск, Беларусь -
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Мероприятия » Мероприятия 2010 г. » Кооперационная биржа «Переработка отходов и экология: новые решения» 20 октября 2010 г., Минск, Беларусь


We invite you to take part in the international brokerage event «Waste Processing and Ecology: New Solutions» which will take place on October, 20th, 2010 during the 4th international exhibition "Waste processing " in Minsk, Belarus.
You will get an opportunity to present your products and services in the field of waste processing, recycling and ecology, to carry on direct negotiations with the representatives of the enterprises and universities.
The purpose of the event is promotion of advanced developments and the expansion of the market of new and high technologies in the field of recycling and improving the ecological situation, and providing cooperation with partner countries through the presentation and implementation of developments in the partner countries.
The content of a brokerage event:
presentation of power effective and resource-saving technologies and the equipment, services, etc. for the enterprises of the various industries interested in search of optimum decisions in power- and recourse saving, in recycling and utilization of waste. You can find a list of current tasks of Belarusian enterprises in the field of waste management in Annex A.
Thematic directions of the brokerage event:
Manufacture, sale of the equipment for processing of a waste, industrial water and air treating.
Services on collecting/ delivering / recycling of waste.
Utilization of waste: know-how, new solutions.
Developments and joint research in the field of waste processing and ecology.
Participation in a brokerage event is free.
Minsk, Pobediteley Av., 14, a conference room #2 (entrance for staff).
Organizers: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian national technical university, State enterprise «Scientific and technological park BNTU«Polytechnic», Exhibition Company «EXPOFORUM».
More detailed information can be found on a site
We also invite you to take part in 4th international exhibition "Waste management", 19 –22 October, 2010, Minsk, Belarus. The organizer: Exhibition Company «EXPOFORUM». The Contact information: Tamara Pukhova, ph. +375 299 81 99, can find more detailed information about the exhibition and conditions of participation on a site:
For participation it is necessary to fill the application (Annex B) and send it till September, 20th, 2010 to organizers : Ekaterina Korolyova, e-mail:, ph. / fax +375 17 292 83 42, mobile: +375 29 371 40 90, State enterprise «Scientific and Technological Park BNTU«Polytechnic», Inter-University Marketing R&D Center,

Annex A    The list of current tasks among Belarusian enterprises in the field of waste management 

Annex    B     Registrations Form


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