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COMPANY                   Republican Unitary Enterprise «Vityas»
ADDRESS                    210605, 13А Brovki Str., Vitebsk, Belarus
NAME                           Anastasia Grishina
DESIGNATION            External Markets Sales Manager
PHONE                        +375-(0)212-22-58-53; +375-(0)212-22-81-31
FAX                              +375-(0)212-22-37-52; +375-(0)212-22-58-53
WEBSITE           ,
Production of TV sets (14”, 15”, 20”, 21”, 25”, 28”, 29”, CRT TVs, Flat TVs, LCD TVs, Elite TVs); medical equipment: the quantum therapy devices «Vityas», exsiccators, air sterilizers, UV bactericidal air recirculators, universal photometers, electropuncture therapy devices; impulse fire extinguishing units.
The quantum therapy device «Vityas» is designed for painless treatment of a wide range of diseases by means of affecting organism tissue and cells and acupuncture points by magnetic and electromagnetic fields of quantum radiation of the visible (620-700nm) and infrared (810-880 nm) wavebands.
Exsiccator/air sterilizer. This is modern equipment, designed for stabilized thermal treatment in the air, sterilization, disinfection and drying of surgical instruments, glassware, medical and other purposes articles with hot air.
UV bactericidal air recycler is a close-type radiator with bactericidal lamp. It is intended for air disinfection in the premises, at human presence or absence. Recycler’s action is based on the influence of UV bactericide radiation (254nM) on air passing through the chamber. Built-in air fan forces the air into the recycler chamber, where it falls under radiation neutralizing microorganisms’ activity.
Universal photometers can be applied in clinical lab diagnostics while running routine analyses in immunology, bio chemistry, food stuff control, environment monitoring.
Impulse fire extinguishing unit is a part of a complex fire system used for liquidation of A and B class fires in the initial stage of development and protecting operator’s respiratory apparatus and organs of vision. It can also be used for sedimentation of high-toxic substances in closed premises with simultaneous breath protection.
The unit’s action is based on «shooting» water instead of habitual «pouring». The effective work is provided by creating high-speed and powerful flow of dense water mist.
Export of TV sets, medical equipment, fire-extinguishing units, domestic appliances.

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